Spider Repel Spray

  • Made upon order for freshness
  • 1L spray bottle
Spiders always have a way to get in but they really do not like certain smells like peppermint oil.

This spray is meant to be used in the home and is safe to use around all people as it is not used on the person rather on floor, walls and areas where you feel the spiders are coming in from.

Clean all webs in the areas you are seeing the spiders. Spray test any areas where you might be worried about colour change or impact prior to using.

Spray the areas daily for one week, then reduce to every other day and keep reducing after 3-4 days until you see no new spiders or webs. If start to see them increase back to last frequency.

The hope is to get it down to weekly spraying or every two weeks spraying that keeps the spiders out of the house.